About Beifong Metal Corp.

Beifong Metal Corporation is a distributor company that specializes in stainless steel items.

Beifong supplies top-of-the-line stainless sheets, tubular, pipe, shafting, angle bar, flat bar, and other pipe fittings all over the Philippines. Their clients range from distributors and local hardware to building contractors and end-users.

Apart from stainless steel items, they expanded into supplying various kinds of metal like Galvanized Irons, such as GI pipe, GI sheet, GI tube, and Black Iron (BI). BMT also offers metalwork accessories & consumables and other construction materials to smaller distributors, hardware stores, end-user companies, and retail.

Moreover, Beifong Metal Corporation produces machinery makers used in conveyor belts in factories—oven, stoves, and kitchen equipment makers that supply food corporations and famous restaurant chains. They are well-trusted by furniture suppliers that are connected to leading fast-food chains and other shops in well-known malls in the country.

Beifong has truly established its name in the business and earned respect from fellow industry players. They continue to grow and expand to different ventures and uphold their mission which is to provide high-grade yet cost-effective materials and services.

Beifong Metal Corporation can be found at B. Serrano Street, East Grace Park, Caloocan, 1400 Metro Manila.


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